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idk wrote this a while ago don’t think its that good
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"You don’t pass or fail at being a person, dear."
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane (via cassiinspirit)
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"I’d do anything to be enough for you"
Unknown (via blackbruise)

(Source: dulldrops)

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emotional abuse is when someone does something to hurt you, and when you express your feelings, that you’re upset, they turn it around to be something you did to hurt them and they force you to apologize for it, and your feelings, like always, are rendered invalid and silenced, forever damaging the ability to trust others with your feelings because they always are used against you.

this is important because so many people don’t know this

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Tender-hearted heroes are so important to me.

Heroes that are soft-spoken and kind, that want nothing more than to take care of everyone.

Heroes that are sweet and good, that always leave folks smiling in their wake.

Heroes that see good in everyone, who want to be good to everyone.

Heroes that are gentle and compassionate, that wish to share the boundless joy in their hearts with the world.


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